Special Invitation to our 4-Day Open House Event!

Experience all-around better hearing at our four-day Special Event: Monday- Thursday February 12 – February 15, 2018 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. You’re invited to try OTICON OPN risk-free!  The first hearing device proven to make it easier on the brain.  Come and bring a loved one to receive: Complimentary hearing screening consultation 0% Financing Available for…

Holiday Special Hearing Event 2017

Treat Yourself to Better Hearing at our Holiday Special Event

Oticon Opn introduces groundbreaking technology that is fast enough to support the brain and precise enough to monitor the soundscape and differentiate between sounds. With the extreme speed of this new technology users are provided with more accurate information about the soundscape, and enabled to more easily locate and separate sound sources, i.e. they can maintain access to the sounds of their life so they can focus on what they find important.

The RITE Stuff

The most popular hearing instrument is the “receiver-in-the-ear” (RITE) type, which is also referred to as a “receiver-in-canal” (RIC) instrument. While these types of instruments are similar to “behind-the-ear” (BTE) hearing instruments, they differ in important ways.  While a BTE instrument houses all the components in a single case that rests behind the ear, RITE/RIC…