Florida Hearing Matters - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hearing Aid Repair
in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Think your hearing aids might need repair? Often a simple adjustment can fix the problem, but we are also able to repair your hearing aids if there’s a more significant issue. At Florida Hearing Matters in Fort Lauderdale, FL we’ll work with you to make sure your hearing aids are functioning the way they should. If you’re not happy for any reason, please give us a call.

How Can I Tell If My Hearing Aids Need Repair?

If your hearing aids aren’t working properly, check to see if any of these apply to you before scheduling a repair:

  • You need new batteries.
  • The hearing aids need to be cleaned. If earwax or other debris is blocking part of the hearing aid, it won’t work correctly.
  • You’ve lost the connection. Sometimes the hearing aid and connected devices (like a smartphone) need to be restarted or reset.
  • You need a hearing aid adjustment.

If you’ve checked the batteries, restarted your hearing aids and made sure they are clean, but they still don’t work, you may need to have them repaired or adjusted.

If your hearing aids need to be repaired, we will offer you loaners until your pair is ready.

Affordable Service Plans and Repairs

Recently relocated to South Florida? We are “hear” for you! We offer a variety of annual service packages starting as low as $99 per year. Our plans include routine maintenance, programming, testing and repairs. Invest in your hearing and we can make sure your equipment is optimally working for you.

Get Your Hearing Aids Repaired.